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January 06 2015

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My life story in brief

I'm not pretty sure precisely what your attitude is however for myself, full-time office lifestyle is simply not my cup of tea. I used to say that corporation was the exclusive way that everyone should undertake. I still recall strongly how each time I am out on the neighborhood and bump into someone who was sprucely dressed up in business suits and conceived they were fabulous. Unsurprisingly, I was firmly charged after college commencement and was driven to chart my career achievements.

Things are not totally the same, or somewhat are absolutely the reverse just 2 years later. What I at one point of time deemed to be cool and gorgeous proved to be terrible. Don't be mistaken. It is not that I failed to manage to end up in major conglomerates and as a matter of fact, I secure myself right into one of the world's most respected companies. Sadly during the two years that I was there, I was far from happy and I could not dismiss how I would constantly look for the watch to strike past six in order that I can sprint home and that was when I declared to myself that I needed to move forward.

Some individuals I spoke with accuse me of acting unpremeditated however I could well guarantee you that it is not the situation and before making my big decision, I did  my homework and look around my classmates who happened to graduate from the same year as me. Incredibly, quite a large number of whom I talked to were in the similar situation or more terrible than me. The irony of thing is the unhappiness is not anything that is caused by insufficient monetary reward. In view that our nation is still excavating ourselves out of the economic fall off, we were properly compensated.

Had it be that I was searching for a stable job, I might stick on with my job. But it is the office politics that pissed me off. I made an effort but I could not be who I am not to be. I detest it when I be expected to defend for the purpose of disagreeing rather than to arrive at advancements. I attempted to envision what I would like to be two or three decades from today and I assured myself that I just cannot picture myself doing the exact same thing and be delighted. Life is short and too priceless. Since I have deserted the management and business world, I simply picture myself not turning back for whichever reason.

While not everyone was lucky enough to do it, I was able to build up meaningful financial savings from my 2 years of professional pursuit and that granted me to chase my dream in life. I am presently relishing myself 100 PERCENT of the time and different from previously when I had to dread waiting for the clock to strike 6, time flies these days.

I am writing this blog site as a result of hobby and I just would like to figure out how exceptional I am into this whole blogging thing. Treat them as my personal journal. You could very well find my content stimulating and that is extremely good. If not, thanks for stopping by.
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